JSON Code Designer for Control-M API

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What is it?

Control-M is a Workload Automation Tool developed by BMC Software. The JSON Code Designer for the Control-M API is a web based product using only client side technologies, where you can create effective and exact JSON code structures for use with the Control-M API. The application allows us to define Folder, Job, Links and Default settings through web forms.

From the Control-M Automation API Documentation:

Control-M Automation API is a set of programmatic interfaces that give developers and DevOps engineers access to the capabilities of Control-M within the modern application release process. Job flows and related configuration objects are built in JSON and managed together with other application artifacts in any source code management solution, such as GIT.  This approach enables capabilities such as sophisticated scheduling, flow control, and SLA management to be built in right from inception and used during the running of batch applications as they are automatically deployed in dev, test, and production environments.

Version: Current Control-M API Version support is 9.0.18. There is also an older version supporting from V9 with fix packs 3 to 5.

Job Types : Command, Script and Dummy. I intend to support all job types in the future.

Why Use The Code Designer?

The JSON Code Designer for the Control-M API is used to simplify the jobs as code development process. It allows users to have a fast, easy to use, reliable way to generate code with basic training and without excessive knowledge or reference to the API Documentation . It can ease the transition for your firm to using jobs as code methodology.

Spend less time writing code and reading documentation and start designing your workflows!

Who Are the End Users?

Developers:  This is the perfect tool for members of the development team needing to create simple or complex workflows with jobs as code. The tool has a much lower learning curve than that of the full Control-M utility.

Control-M Administrators:  While this tool does not completely replace Control-M WLA Planning for general job creation and modification, it can be used to build templates not only for the build and deploy services, but also the run service for the API. The run service is extremely useful as a replacement to ctmcreate and ctmorder for dynamic job ordering.

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Start with an empty canvas, and begin with defining defaults for the entire workflow. The first steps are to set the file defaults and Add a Folder, or Load an existing JSON jobs file.


The Folder definition page allows for Simple Folder definitions beginning from 9.0.18.


Add Jobs to the Folders. General/Scheduling/Prerequistes and Actions panels are accessible in one screen.



Follow the simple GUI prompts to add Resources, Notifications and Actions.


Create Links between Jobs in the same Folder or in different Folders.

Download your JSON code for future use in your own development workflow, or copy to the clipboard.

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